Face Lift Variations


Face Lift Variations


Reducing the apparent age in one's appearance is a goal for which a popular procedure is the face lift. The basic procedure is to alter the way that the skin rests upon the underlying facial structure of bone and muscles. There are a number of facelift variations and it is important to the maximization of the benefit of the procedure to know which one is right to achieve the goals that you have for age reduction procedures. There are different facelift procedure to consider when deciding on a facelift. Here are some options: Deep plane facelift, skinlift, and mini-facelift.

Facelift Procedure

One of the biggest variables that your doctor keeps under consideration is the plethora of differing facial conditions, which plays a major role in the decision process. The ways in which facelifts differ from each other are typically in the following:

  • The incision that is used in the procedure,
  • The layers that are treated,
  • Which areas are treated,
  • How invasive is the procedure.

Deep Plane Facelift

The first kind in the number of facelift variations is the deep plane facelift, which is responsible for treating the tissue that is underneath the muscle layer. This procedure is the most invasive because of the need to gain access to the tissue that is affected. It is, however, the longest lasting procedure to achieve rejuvenation. This procedure, as effective as it is, will most likely not be needed by many at all, given the large impact it will have on the physical system of the patient.

Skin Lift

One procedure that is in the mid range of effectiveness and invasion is the skin lift. During a skin lift, the surface skin layers are moved instead of the tissue beneath the musculature. This has the effect of altering the appearance, however the extent is less than a deep plane facelift, but is in general long lasting and will not require all but the least invasive touch up long down the road.


The least invasive procedure is the mini-facelift, which provides a more temporary solution for rejuvenate surgery. This surgery is the best for younger individuals who may be in need for a face lift procedure, but they have to be old enough since it still is an elective surgical procedure. This procedure is sometimes called the S-lift, thanks to the shape of the incision site. The incision is from the inner ear to the side burn, and leaves a minimum of scarring. Face lifts can in fact be classified as either a short scar facelift or a full scar facelift.


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