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Cosmetic Acupuncture for Facial Rejuvenation

As the years have gone by, you may have noticed that the youthful image you once saw in the mirror is becoming more of a memory. With the increasing years, the damage from sun exposure, stress, and other toxins have taken their toll leaving wrinkles and many skin disorders. While modern medicine offers a multitude of ways to improve your appearance, many of these include unwanted side effects or other dangers. Fortunately, there are some natural options to help enhance your face.



What is Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a form of treatment that uses tiny needles on the face and body to enhance and renew your looks. Based upon the same principles of Oriental Medicine that allow acupuncture to treat a variety of pain and internal conditions, Cosmetic Acupuncture can provide a pain-free and natural way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and support a healthy complexion.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has always possessed a focus on health and longevity, which has included the physical appearance. In ancient China, the Empress and Emperor’s concubines make use of acupuncture and herbal medicine to maintain their vitality and youthful beauty. In addition, facial diagnosis has been an integral part of Chinese Medicine from its earliest beginnings, approximately 5,000 years ago. Each of the major organs in the body manifests their state within your complexion; by identifying and correcting imbalances, your health and appearance can both improve.

Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture

  • Increase in collagen production, improving the elasticity of your skin.
  • Remove fine wrinkles in the skin.
  • Lighten deeper lines in the face.
  • Strengthen the facial muscles, helping flatten wrinkles and lift droopy eyelids.
  • Increased blood circulation in the face, improving complexion.
  • Clear or reduce age spots, rosacea, and acne.
  • Pain free and natural therapy that improves your appearance.
  • A treatment that benefits your overall health.
  • You will not only look younger, but also feel younger!

How Does Cosmetic Acupuncture Work?

Cosmetic Acupuncture for facial rejuvenation works by balancing the functioning of the body and encouraging the flow of blood and energy to the face. Fromthe physical constitution and lifestyle, the flow of energy in the body can become disrupted leading to a state of disharmony; these imbalances can manifest in the complexion and skin health. By supporting a healthy mind and body, you can improve the appearance of your face in a manner that you can both see and feel.

During the Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment for facial rejuvenation, thin sterile needles will be inserted into the face and body to adjust the flow of energy. Additionally, these facial needles are able to increase the tone of the facial muscles, pulling the skin tight and flattening wrinkles. The local insertion of needles into the superficial layers of the skin has been shown to increase collagen production in the local area providing the skin greater elasticity and a more youthful appearance. There is usually no pain and only a mild distending feeling at the sites of needles insertion during the treatment.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment Protocol

While the many individuals can notice immediate changes after the first treatment, Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments for facial renewal are commonly offered in treatment sets to increase the quality of the results. A typical protocol provides treatment two times per week for approximately 5 weeks, for 10 total treatments.Each treatment lasts approximately 45-60 minutes. While the results can last several years, monthly maintenance visits are recommended.Remember, Cosmetic Acupuncture is not a facelift, but a gradual improvement of your skin’s condition and facial muscle tone over the treatment course.

The acupuncturist may also include body acupuncture points during the treatment to support your facial complexion, as well as manage other health complaints. Acupuncture treatment can also help reduce stress, insomnia, hot flashes, anxiety, pain, and many other conditions during your sessions. Improving other aspects of your health will support the benefits of your facial rejuvenation.

Many practitioners also incorporate the use of Chinese Herbal Medicine during treatment. These products are primarily external facial creams and lotions containing herbs that help your skin. Constitutional conditions as well as other medical complaints may also benefit from the use of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Some practitioners offer additional protocols focusing on weight loss and the cosmetic enhancement of the abdomen.

Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment setstypically cost from $1000 to $2000 dollars for 10 treatments, which may or may not include the cost of herbal medicine.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Verse Other Therapies

Maintaining a youthful appearance may become more important as you age. Cosmetic Acupuncture has many advantages over other therapies, with few trade offs.

Facelift Surgery

It is common to refer to Cosmetic Acupuncture as an acupuncture facelift”; however, a face-lift is not the best way to represent the treatment. A surgical facelift offers a significant change in facial appearance in a short time, at the cost of a high expense and possible medical complications. While Cosmetic Acupuncture may cause occasional minor bruising, Facelift Surgery can have a significant recovery time, possible dangers associated with anesthesia, a risk of infection, and scars from the incisions. Nevertheless, the results from a surgical facelift can be profound.


Botox, aka botulinum neurotoxin A, is a procedure that has been approved for cosmetic use since 2002. The injection of the toxin prevents muscular contraction by impeding the release of acetylcholine.Since it is the contraction of your facial muscles that causes the skin to wrinkle, by paralyzing these muscles the wrinkles do not appear as deeply on your face. Acupuncture takes an opposite approach by increasing the tone of the facial muscles to flatten out the wrinkles. While the effects of botox may be more immediate than acupuncture treatments on the face, the former can leave your face with a paralyzed appearance, lacking normal muscular movement. Both therapies are believed to cause an increase in collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. While none of the botox-related deaths are reported to be from cosmetic treatments, there have been cases of adverse reactions to the treatment.

In contrast to surgical facelifts and botox injections, Cosmetic Acupuncture for facial rejuvenation possesses no significant health risks and is offered at a fraction of the cost. However, a series of treatments are needed to achieve similar results, and additional treatments may be necessary to maintain those improvements.

Finding an Acupuncturist for Cosmetic Treatments

A greater number of acupuncturists are embracing the growing market for cosmetic procedures. While the Cosmetic Acupuncture for facial rejuvenation treatments may be more expensive than typical acupuncture treatments, many practitioners offer free initial consultations.


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