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Acupuncture and increased

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The principle of acupuncture is to encourage and increase points to regulate the body by stimulating the function of organs, through the Spleen Qi to increase the supply of human nutrition, to increase the fine by filling Qiangshen the generation of human bone marrow and bone growth, through the grounds to the liver Shujin increase the body coordinating development, big bones and joints by stimulating the relevant points around, and promote joint operation to increase blood epiphyseal growth plate, and then secondary to diet, physical exercise, adequate sleep, so as to promote the role of young bone growth . Acupuncture is different from other higher law, a natural therapy, no side effects, and bear fruit quickly. Because acupuncture can indeed promote the growth of osteoblasts and promote bone formation, for example, there is the clinical use of acupuncture to promote healing of fractures of the patient example, acupuncture can also be used such as osteoporosis. So the use of acupuncture regulating hormone levels, promote bone cell growth, so as to achieve the function of the promotion of youth development is fully realized.

Three methods of acupuncture by stimulating the acupuncture points that contribute to increased regulation of human organs function, to achieve the objective of increasing height, the main mechanism is as follows:

(1) increase the body through the spleen Qi nutrient supply.
(2) The fine increased by Qiangshen charge the growth of human bone and bone marrow.
(3) to increase through the management of liver Shujin coordinated development of the human body.
(4) by stimulating acupuncture points around the large bones and joints, promoting increased blood running joint development of growth plate.

The method of acupuncture contribute to increased
Encourage increased use of acupuncture Three methods to needle-based, additional fire needle and cupping, back, abdomen, and in turn point the methods used to adjust the spleen and stomach and other organs, combined with acupuncture stimulation of the major joints, and promote the development of their bones. Evaluation of the effect of acupuncture and contribute to increased precautions 70% of the height of the body by the inherent genetic factors in the decision, and 30% depending on the day after four factors, namely, exercise, sleep, nutrition and calcium, endocrine function. So grab a 30% chance the day after tomorrow will increase height. However, in the treatment of age should generally be more reasonable in the 15-18 years boys and girls compared to boys success rate higher. Encourage and increase the process of acupuncture, in order to achieve the best results. Want doctor who can meet to do the following:

1, calm state of mind up to keep the spirits.
2, appropriate and effective campaign to maintain the metabolic level.
3, adequate and regular sleep, to ensure the long bones of hormone secretion.
4, rich and scientific diet to ensure the nutrition and calcium intake.

Three months for a course, as each person's situation is different, the effect may vary and are generally in the months after the treatment to the treatment after the end of February to March, the height increased to varying degrees, and if the result is not good, three months after the second course of treatment.


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