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Thread lift

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Thread lift 
Get unbiased Thread lift reviews, Thread lift pictures, and expert tips you need to know about Thread lift surgery before you decide on it.

Lift without scars

Are your cheeks beginning to sag? Do you want to wait with a Mini Lift or a Face Lift?  Are you not happy with your tired look? In that case an EXTENDED SUTURE LIFT or THREAD LIFT is what you might need.

A THREAD Lift can lift sagging underlying tissues without having surgery.


The technique was developed in Russia in 1999 and is frequently called the APTOS or Feather Lift.  APTOS: origins from A-PTOSIS – anti-sagging.  The technique has since been improved.



The sutures are strongly anchored like loops above the problematic area.

The surgeon makes a small incision from about 1 cm at 1, 2 or 3 places to anchor the threads subcutaneously.  This threading is done with a very long needle through the skin into deeper soft tissue structures.

The subcutaneous antibiotic loops support the tissues under the skin.

The Special antibiotic sutures that are being used at the Yoskarn Clinic dissolve slowly.  They disappear after a few months, whenever the biological collagen synthesis has taken place and tissue has grown together.  Any possible rejection of the sutures is prevented this way.

The procedure takes about 20 to 40 minutes and can be done under local anaesthesia.  If wished for, light sleep anaesthesia can be applied.

There are very few side effects and minimum blood loss.  Recovery is fast.  Commonly, you can start your normal daily activities after a few days.  The procedure is part of a new evolution (since 1999) and seems promising but still needs to prove itself on the long run.

Analogue techniques  are the Extended Suture Lift, the Sulamanidze lift, the Serdev lift, the Feather lift, the Isse-thread lift, the APTOS lift, the Suture Suspension Face Lift, the Kolster Lift, K.M.I. Lift, monofilament lift, polypropylene thread lift, The cogs or barbs thread lift, the Silk Lift, the BPS Lift, the Barbed Polypropylene Sutures thread lift, the Russian Lift , the Russian Thread lift.


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